About ToCoo Store

ToCoo Store is the store selling JAPAN quality items in drastically discounted price.

ToCoo Store delivers the purchased item to your hotel free of shipping charge. (except Okinawa and Remote Island)


■■■ Terms and Conditions ■■■

All customers are considered as accepting the below Terms and Conditions.

The purchased item is delivered to the hotel you stay, free of shipping charge (except to Okinawa / Remote Islands)

Purchase contract is concluded when ToCoo confirms that the order contents fufill all the conditions of the purchase.

Cancellation can not be accepted once the contract is completed.

Order for purchase is CANCELLED in the below cases.

1) Purchase order after the deadline of purchase.
The deadline of purchase is 9 days prior to the day you hope to receive.
Example; Hope to get the purchased item by 10th. May➡01th. May i s the deadline of purchase.

2) The name of purchaser and the hotel Check-in name are different.
The purchaser name should be the totally SAME as the name of Hotel Check-in.

3) Shipping address is an Airbnb room / house / apartment/Adult Onl Hotel(Love Hotel).
The receiving place should be the hotel/Ryokan you stay

4) Shipping address is in Okinawa / Remote Island.
The receiving place should be within Hokkaido, Honsyu, Shikoku or Kyusyu.

5) The ordered item is out of stock

■■■ How to purchase and Important notes ■■■

1. Fill the Order Form
*Please be sure to comment the below required information in 「Other Notes And Remarks」 of the order form.

 ① The date of your Check-in.
  (this is to be the receiving date of the purchases)
   In case you mention the Check-out date, there is a possibility the purchased item has not reached you.

 ② The full name of the hotel you stay & the hotel Check-in name

 ③ Phone number of the hotel.

Example; ①10th. May ②Westin Hotel Osaka ③ 06-6440-1111

<NOTICE> Receiving time can not be chosen.

2. Send the Order Form ➡ Respond mail is reached

3. In case all the required conditions are filled, the purchase contract is completed ➡ ToCoo delivers the purchased item.

4. Receive the purchased item in your hotel.

Even in case you do not pick up the purchased item delivered to the hotel, NO refund nor No return can be offered.

※In any case, the delivery location can NOT be changed, once you submit the order form.
You should pick up the purchased item at the original location on your own responsibility.

Our stock id limited,there is a case the ordered item is out of stock.(In case of sold out,the purchase contract is not concluded.)
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan regarding its conclusion, enforcement, implementation and interpretation.

We and the Customer hereby agree that any dispute arising from this service shall be resolved in good faith through consultation. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court for this agreement.