Home HAIR REMOVAL Treatment K Surun(Kesulun)

SIMPLE, LOW COST Hair Removal Equipment for home care!

Anytime! Anywhere!
Compact and light weight!
Easy and Comfortable to use at home, by yourself!

Joint developed product with Shonan Cosmetic Surgery, the most famous Japanese Cosmetic Surgery Clinic)

Just ONLY this equipment to get White-Porcelain No-Hair Skin!
Use for your whole body, Armpit, Arm, Leg, Bikini Line, Under the Nose, Cheek, etc.

K Surun has Cool Mode which cools the skin immediately after a Flash hair removal care.
It gives the same effects on your skin even at home as the removal treatment in an Esthetic Salon

Let’s compare with the other choices.
If you have a care in a Salon
 the total fee should be more than 200,000JPY to 300,000JPY (for 12 times treatments.)

If you buy the same type of an equipment via the other seller
the price of an equipment is 30,000JPY to 80,000JPY.
Furthermore, if you hope to remove hair of the whole body, you should buy extra attachments again and again, since each attachment is only effective in small number of shots.

ONLY 1 time purchase of 1 set of K Surun is enough for your whole body’s hair removal,
since K Surun boasts of 150,000 times shots available.
(150,000 times shots is available in shot Level 10, 300,000 times shots is available in shot Level 1!!)

You can choose your favorite settings,
Strength; Level 1 to Level 10
Speed; Slow to Fast
3 Attachments for various body parts

Get Now! Before your walking out!
Get K Surun and Get ideal Porcelain Skin with NO HAIR!!

※Country of Manufacture:JAPAN
※Selling Agency:C.O. Medical Co., ltd.(Co-development partner with Shonan Cosmetic Surgery)
※This equipment is NOT a medical Equipment. NOT guarantee life-time hair removal
※You can pick up the purchased item in your hotel/ryokan within Japan.
※Shipping fee to your hotel/ryokan is FREE of charge.
※Can NOT be delivered to any location in Okinawa nor remote islands.
※PLEASE BE SURE TO read and accept“Terms and Conditions”&“How to purchase”before purchase.
All customers are considered as accepting the terms and conditions.

¥ 35,486