GUMMY Mikakuto Zeitaku Kororo Grape 12 packs set

Chocolate-coated rich fruit texture Gummy, Kororo Grape taste.
Mix and match, sweet-sour flavor of fruit and mild sweetness of Chocolate.

Good for kid’s snack, a break in office, a quick light meal.
Just only one bite, but it gives you luxury moment of rich flavor.

Sugar, Fructose glucose syrup, Syrup, Concentrated grape juice, Cacao butter, Cacao mass, Whole milk powder, Collagen, Edible plant oils, Glycerin. Gelling agent (thickening polysaccharides), Acidulant, Essence, Emulsifier, Potassium citrate, Cellulose, Brightener, Stabilizers(CMC), (partly contains Milk components, Beef, Soy bean, Gelatin)

※Selling Agency; UHA Mikakoto Co., Ltd.
※Country of Manufacture; Japan
※Expiration date; 30th.November 2018
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 (Purchase order after the deadline is automatically cancelled)
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