10 Billion Bifidobacteria per 1 capsule! W de Todokeru Bifizusukin <30 capsules> X 5 packs set

Deliver Bifidobacteria effectively to your intestine due to the below 2 factors.

1. Acid resistance Bifidobacteria

2.Capsule insoluble in stomach, soluble in intestine.(Acid-Dissolution-Delay capsule)

1 capsule contains 10 Billion Bifidobacteria & 20mg Agave inulin!

※Selling Agency; Itochu Food Co., Ltd.
※Expiration date; 26th.October 2019
※Preservation method; Keep/Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight
※We deliver to your hotel, Free of Shipping Charge(Can not specify a delivery time)
※The deadline of order is 9 days prior to the date you hope to pick up.
 (Purchase order after the deadline is automatically cancelled)
※Can NOT deliver to Okinawa nor Remote Island.
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