Tongue cleaning Candy, Shitaclear Candy Aroma Mint flavor 20 bags set

Co-development product of UHA Mikakuto Co.,ltd and Teikyo University
Oral care candy by anti-Bacteria technology.

Film of entangled various Bacteria cover on the tongue in case cleaning is not enough.
If you feel stickiness in your mouth, it might be a warning!

“DOMAC” developed by UHA Mikakoto Co.,ltd and Teikyo University, is an Aroma Complex.
Shitaclear contains this newly developed DOMAC to maintain the oral environment.

1 bite when you feel bad breath/stickiness or need refreshment!
Handy small package, always with you!
Mouth care anytime, anywhere!

※Selling Agency; UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd.
※Country of Manufacture; Japan
※Nutritional facts *Per 1 tab 2.7g
 Energy:7kcal, Protein:0g, Lipid:0g, Salt equivalent:0g
 Carbohydrate: 2.7g(Sugar:2.7g/ Saccharide:0g/Dietary fiber:0g)
※Expiration date; 31th. March 2020
※Preservation method; Keep/Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight
※We deliver to your hotel, Free of Shipping Charge(Can not specify a delivery time)
※The deadline of order is 9 days prior to the date you hope to pick up.
 (Purchase order after the deadline is automatically cancelled)
※Can NOT deliver to Okinawa nor Remote Island.
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